Janet Saad-Cook

Sun Drawing

"Limits exist only in the souls of those who do not dream"  Philippe Petit

The Artist


Janet Saad-Cook’s art lies at the intersection of light and space and time.  Honored as a pioneer in the field of multidisciplinary art, she invented new ways to create art by fusing sunlight, time, reflection and motion.  Working with pure wavelengths of light coming from the sun, Saad-Cook combines ancient sun marking techniques with 21st century technology to create Sun Drawings, solar sculptures that attune viewers to the cosmos, revealing glimpses of the grand order of the universe and creating a link with all humanity.  

Saad-Cook continually explores connections between light and time, something she first became aware of in the early 1980’s, while doing independent site work at prehistoric sun marking sites.  Her studies of the sites revealed simple techniques earliest humans used in order to live in harmony with the natural world.  She believes that using these ancient ways of sky watching in combination with modern technologies evokes powerful symbols that acknowledge our place in the Universe while connecting us to the continuum of Time.

Her art is distinguished by decades of collaboration with scientists, engineers and architects, along with independent research in the field of Archaeoastronomy.  She has presented papers about her work at scientific institutions such as MIT, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, and the International Astronomical Union (IAU), among others, and lectures extensively in the US and abroad. Her art is in permanent collections of major public institutions as well as in private collections.



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